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Sukhmani Sahib Audio Path in mp3 format for free download

Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani, titled Gauri Sukhmani in the Guru Granth Sahib after the musical measure Gauri to which it belongs, is a lengthy composition by Guru Arjan Dev Ji composed around AD 1602-03 on the bank of Ramsar pool in the city of Amritsar.

The Sukhmani Sahib comprises twenty-four astpadis or cantos, each comprising eight stanzas. They are composed in meter chaupai. A sloka or couplet precedes each astpadi. The first seven stanzas of the astpadi explore the theme stated in the preceding sloka and the eight sometimes sums up the astpadi but, more often, becomes a paean of praise lacing the theme in the context of an overall vision of Eternal Reality. This structure is maintained throughout and through, from canto to canto, there may not be traceable progression of thought as in a philosophical work, there is a continuing unity of spiritual and ethical tone. One of the fundamental texts of the Sikh faith, the Sukhmani presents a complete scheme of the teachings of the Sikh faith.

The Sukhmani Sahib opens with a manglacharan or invocation to the Supreme Being. In this four-line sloka, the Supreme Being is remembered as adi gure (Primal Preceptor), jugade gure (Preceptor from the beginning of time existing), sat gure (The Truth Preceptor) and sri gurdeve (Preceptor Divine). The following six astpadis dwell on the advantages of remembrance, in a spirit of love, devotion and surrender, of the Holy Name which results in linking up one's consciousness with the Divine. This brings bliss, peace and approval at the Divine Court.

Sukhmani Sahib is a theological statement of the major tenets of Sikhism expressed in devotional poetic form. Recited by the Sikhs as a part of morning prayer, it is one of the easier texts in the Guru Granth Sahib. It is simple in syntax and structure, through its essential meaning will elude one not attuned to the spiritual experience and the idiom and phraseology of gurbani.

Recitation of Sukhmani Sahib Path by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale) for Listening online and Free Download in MP3 Format.

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Sukhmani Sahib Part-I
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Sukhmani Sahib Part-II
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S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
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Sukhmani Sahib Path by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)

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Sukhmani Sahib Path Audio mp3 format
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