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Sikh Baby Names

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls Starts with S

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls

Here is list of suggested Sikh Baby Names, click on the selected letter to list Sikh Baby Names starts with. To a boy's name the word 'Singh' and to a girl's name the word 'Kaur' is added.


Sikh Baby NamesMeaning
SachdevTruly Godly person
SachdhianAbsorbed in the True One
SachgianHaving the True Knowledge
SachkeeratSinging the praises of God
SachleenThe one absorbed in Truth, in God
SachmanTrue at heart
SachpreetThe true love, the love of God
SachsevServant of Truthy, True servant
SachsukhOne who attains true peace
SachveerBravely upholding the Truth
SadhuSaintly person
SagarOcean, sea
SahibThe master
SaihajPeaceful and equipoised person
SaihajleenOne absorbed in peace and bliss
SajjanA dear friend, a righteous person
SamarbirBrave in war
SampuranThe perfect one
SamrathMighty and powerful
SangatAssociating with holy congregation
SanjitHappy victory
SantSaintly person
SantaExalted person
SantokhContented, peaceful, and patient
SarabdeepThe lamp that gives light to all
SarabdevGod of gods
SarabjeetWinning all
SarabjotAll-prevading Light
SarableenOne who prevades in all
SarojLotus flower
SartajCrown of head, the Master, leader
SatbachanThe one abiding by the Holy Word
SatbirThe True warrior
SatgunOf True merits
SatjeevanThe one living the truthful life
SatkeeratOne who praises the True One
SatleenThe one absorbed in Truth, in God
SatnamOne accepting God's Being as True
SatpalThe one who abides by the truth
SatparvanThe one accepted by God
SatpreetThe lover of the Truth
SatsukhThe one in True Bliss
SatveerBravely upholding the Truth
SeetalPeaceful, calm, contented
SevaAbsorbed in service and simran
ShaanFamous, respected
ShabadDeep Lamp or light of the Holy Word
ShabadpreetThe one who loves the Holy Word
ShamsherBrave like a lion
SharanTaking the shelter of the Guru
SharanjeetOne who attains the Guru's shelter
SimarOne who is absorbed in God
SimardeepLamp of remembrance of God
SimarleenAbsorbed in remembrance of God
SimranOne who is absorbed in God
SimranpreetLovingly remembering God
SobhaGlorious, virtuous
SujanWise, of exalted knowledge
SukhbirWarrior of peace
SukhchainThe one who is peaceful and calm
SukhcharanPeace attained through Guru's Lotus Feet
SukhdeepThe lamp of peace and bliss
SukhdevGod of peace
SukhindirGod of peace
SukhjeetRemaining in peace
SukhjeevA peaceful person
SukhjodhWarrior of peace
SukhjotLight of Peace
SukhleenAbsorbed in joy of God's love
SukhmeetThe peace-giving friend
SukhnamBliss from Naam
SukhpreetOne who values inner peace and joy
SukhrajKing of Peace
Sukhramthe one in whom peace prevades
SukhroopEmbodiment of peace
SukhshantThe one who is in bliss and peace
SukhsharanPeace in taking shelter in Guru
SukhveerWarrior of peace
SulakhanVirtuous, meritorious
SultanKing, monarch
SumatOne with wise intellect
SundarjeetOne who attains to beauteousness
SundarveerBeauteous and Brave
SuratOf awakend consciousness
SurinderThe king of gods
SurinderjitOne who is victorious over gods
SurjitImmortal, Godly person
SurjotGodly light


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Sikh Baby Names
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