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Sikh Baby Names

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls Starts with R

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls

Here is list of suggested Sikh Baby Names, click on the selected letter to list Sikh Baby Names starts with. To a boy's name the word 'Singh' and to a girl's name the word 'Kaur' is added.


Sikh Baby NamesMeaning
RajKingdom, monarch
RajbirThe warrior of the kingdom
RajinderThe king of god of gods
RajpalThe protector king
RajveerThe warrior or hero of the kingdom
RamLord Ram
RamandeepAbsorbed in the Light of Lord's Love
RamanjitVictory of beloved
RambirWarrior of God
RamdasServant of God, slave of God
RamdeepLamp of All-Pervading God
RamgeetSong of the All-Pervading God
RamindarAbsorbed in the Lord
RamjeetThe winner of God's Love
RamjotThe Light of God
RamleenOne absorbed in God
RampreetIn love with God
RanbirThe brave warrior
RandeepThe lamp (hero) of the battle
RangaOne who is colored in Naam
RangjotOne colored in the union of God
RangleenImbued in the Lord's absorbtion
RangpreetThe lover of God's Love
RanjitThe conqueror of the battle
RanjotThe Light of the Battlefield
RanveerThe brave warrior
RasbirElixir of courage
RasbirDrinking the elixir of courage
RasdeepLamp of the Elixir
RasgunOne who delights in the elixir of virtues
RasgurOne who attaines the elixir of enlightenment
RasjeevanOne whose life is full of elixir of Naam
RasjogOne who has union with elixir of Naam
RasleenOne absorbed in the elixir of Naam
RasnamOne who drinks the elixir of Naam
RatanA diamond-like person
RatanbirThe priceless brave one
RatandeepPrecious like God's Lamp
RatangeetSong of diamond (soul)
RatanjotThe diamond of God's Light
RatanpreetOne who is in love of the Diamond (Holy Word)
RaushanThe exalted, famous person
RaveenaBeauty of the Sun
RavindarThe god of Sun, knowledge
RoopindarGod of Beauty
RoopjotBeauteous Light
RupakSign, feature
RupinderLord of beauty


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Sikh Baby Names
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