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Sikh Baby Names

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls Starts with N

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls

Here is list of suggested Sikh Baby Names, click on the selected letter to list Sikh Baby Names starts with. To a boy's name the word 'Singh' and to a girl's name the word 'Kaur' is added.


Sikh Baby NamesMeaning
NageenaDiamond, great
NamdevA godly person absorbed in Naam
NamgeetOne whose life is the song of Naam
NamjasOne who sings praises of Naam
NamjeevOne who lives absorbed in Naam
NamjotThe light of Naam
NamleenAbsorbed in the Lord's Essence
NampreetOne who loves the Lord's Being
NamritaModest, humble
NamroopOne who becomes the embodiment of Naam
NarainA Godly person
NardevA god-like person
NarinderThe king
NarveerA brave person
NavbirThe new warrior
NavdeepThe ever new light, the new lamp
NaveenEver fresh
NavinderBrave Lord
NavjeetThe new victory
NavjeevThe ever fresh life
NavjotThe new light, always bright
NavleenNew engrossed
NavneetOne who is ever new
NihalHappy, blissful person
NirbanEmancipated from the world
NirmailOne unstained, without flaw
NirmalThe one who is pure
NirmanThe egoless, humble
NirvairOne who is without enmity or rancour
NitnamOne who ceaselessly remembers the Lord
NoorThe Divine Light


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Sikh Baby Names
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