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Sikh Baby Names

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls Starts with G

Sikh Baby Names for Sikh Boys & Girls

Here is list of suggested Sikh Baby Names, click on the selected letter to list Sikh Baby Names starts with. To a boy's name the word 'Singh' and to a girl's name the word 'Kaur' is added.


Sikh Baby NamesMeaning
GagandeepLight of the sky
GaganjotLight of the sky
GatleenMerged in freedom
GatnamLiberated through Naam
GatsharanLiberated by taking shelter of Guru
GauravPride of Glory
GharcheenOne who realizes the Home within
GharchetOne who meditates on the Real Home within
GiandeepLamp of divine knowledge
GianiOne having exalted divine knowledge
GianleenOne absorbed in divine light
GianparkashLight of Divine knowledge
GianpreetOne who loves the divine knowledge
GianroopEmbodiment of divine light
GianveerBrave and divine in knowledge
GopalLord, protector
GulwantBeautiful like flowers
GunbirVirtuous and brave
GundeepLamp of excellences
GunkarOne full of excellences
GunpreetThe lover of excellences
GuntasTreasure of excellence
GunwantFull of virtues
GurbachanOne who abides by Guru's Word
GurbakhshBlessed with Guru's Grace
GurcharanOne who takes shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet
GurchetOne who remains aware of Guru's Word
GurdasOne who is the slave of the Guru
GurdayaOne blessed with the Guru's Grace
GurdeepLamp of the Guru
GurdevAlmighty God
GurdittaOne born with Guru's blessing
GurgianHaving knowledge of Guru's Word
GurjeetOne winning the Guru's heart
GurjeevanOne who lives a life as ordianed by Guru
GurkeeratOne who sings praises of the Guru
GurkiranThe ray of Guru's light
GurleenOne who is absorbed in the Guru
GurmeetThe friend of the Guru
GurmukhOne who is Guruwards
GurnamOne who meditates on Guru's Word
GurnekA noble servant of God
GurpalOne whose caretaker is the Guru
GurpreetOne who loves the Guru
GurshantAttaining peace through the Word of the Guru
GursharanOne who takes shelter in the Guru
GursukhOne who is blissful through Guru
GurtaranOne who is saved through the Guru
GurveerWarrior of the Guru


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Sikh Baby Names
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