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Shabads Sung by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
Shabads : Shabads Sung by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
Shabad Kirtan : To celebrating and singing the glories of God along with listening (sravana) to shabads, here we are pleased to present treat to your ears ~ Shabads sung by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale) for Free Download in MP3 Format.

Aawo meet piarey 2,745 KB Download
Ab main apni katha bakhano 2,794 KB Download
Aisi preet Govind 2,794 KB Download
Amrit vela 1,853 KB Download
Apney karam ki gat main kiya janoo 1,917 KB Download
Baba akhey hajia 2,201 KB Download
Bahu parpanch kar 1,875 KB Download
Bal bal jaon siam sunder ko 2,268 KB Download
Bali roway nahin bhataar 2,872 KB Download
Bin darsan kaisey jivon 3,249 KB Download
Chariya sodhan dharat lukai 4,431 KB Download
Daras tere ki piyas 2,353 KB Download
Deho daras Nanak balihari 1,994 KB Download
Dhan Nanak teri wadi kamayee 2,754 KB Download
Dhur ki bani aayee 2,094 KB Download
Din bisareo re diwane 2,484 KB Download
Ek Ghari na miltey 2,497 KB Download
Gagan damama bajio 2,191 KB Download
Gobind Gobind Gobind sangh 2,703 KB Download
Gur poorey kirpa dhari 2,810 KB Download
Gur seva tey bhagat kamayee 3,197 KB Download
Ham eh kaaj jagat mo aaye 2,383 KB Download
Haon sad kurbaney jaaoun 2,539 KB Download
Har bin kaon 2,823 KB Download
Har bisrat sada khuwari 2,014 KB Download
Inhi ki kripa ke sjay hum hain 2,545 KB Download
Isha purak sarab sukh data 1,911 KB Download
S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
136, Farmers Apartment, Sector - 13, Rohini,
Delhi - 110085, India.
Phone: +91-11-27867525, +91-9899666434
S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
Karwat bhala na karwat teri 2,682 KB Download
Khub khub khub khub 2,310 KB Download
Kirpa karo din ke datey 2,912 KB Download
Kiya tu soeya jaag iana 2,372 KB Download
Maati ko putra kaise nachat hai 2,164 KB Download
Madho jal ki piyas na jaye 2,240 KB Download
Main nahin kash haon nahi 2,696 KB Download
Man mero gaj 2,418 KB Download
Man tan tera dhan bhi tera 2,221 KB Download
Nanak garib dhah pyeya 2,654 KB Download
Nasro mansoor gur Gobind Singh 2,607 KB Download
Oh gur Gobind hoye pargatya 2,127 KB Download
Pandiya kawan kumat tum lage 2,944 KB Download
Poojo ram ek hi deva 3,466 KB Download
Prabh meray pritam 2,108 KB Download
Prani kiya mera kiya tera 2,604 KB Download
Pritam jaan leho man mahi 2,377 KB Download
Raain gayee mat din bhi jaye 2,942 KB Download
Raakh lehu ham tey bigri 2,176 KB Download
Ram bhaj Ram bhaj 1,683 KB Download
Ram japo ji aisay aisay 2,682 KB Download
Ram simer pashutahenga man 2,507 KB Download
Ram simer Ram simer 2,088 KB Download
Re baurey tuhey ghari na 2,496 KB Download

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Shabads Sung by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
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