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Punj Kakkar : Panj Kakke : Five K's

The Punj Kakkar (five K's) are symbols of Sikh individuality. If they do not wear the punj Kakkar, their revolutonary zeal will disapear - the spirit which saved Hinduism from extinction during those stormy days of the Mughal rule. They gave strength to the Sikhs to bear the brunt of wrath of tyrannical rulers and helped them uproot the foundations of the Mughal empire.

The punj Kakkar are the symbol of Sikh solidarity, unity and strength. Through these they develop and maintain their association with the Guru. Sikhs believe that as is God so is the Guru and so must be follower. Hence the essentiality for a Sikh to conform to the rulesof conduct laid down by the Guru. They were devised for the preservation of the communty and anybody who likes to save hs fellow beings or the Guru through the Panth is expected to conform to the requirement of punj Kakkar.

The Sikh symbols constitute the uniform of the Khalsa fraternity which is wedded to the idea of struggle for the attainment of goodness and justice, for the promotion of spirtual aim of the merging of the individual self into the universal spirit. This outward uniform promoted social cohesion and yielded consisderable organisational advantages.

Taken individuality, the symbols have great significance, for they represent, outwardly, the qualities which a Sikh should cultivate inwardly. By keeping them on his person a Sikh is helped in his resolve to cultivate them on his soul. Taken collectively, the punj Kakkar are as a common denominator bindingthe Sikhs together into a brotherhood of te people all striving to reach the same religious objectives. By wearing the symbols, the Sikhs all resemble their Master and they also resemble each other as brothers of the same fa,ily. The symbols also serve the pupose of a uniform, which is the basic element for infusing the spirit of oneness and of purpose in any well organised army.

The Punj Kakkar as follows:

1. Keshas : The Hair

2. Kanga : The Comb

3. Kara : The Iron Bangle

4. Kirpan : The Sword

5. Kachcha : The Underwear

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