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Punj Kakkar : Kirpan ~ The Sword
The Kirpan (sword) and the Kara (bangle) can be taken together. The steel bangle imparts the same orderly control over the sword as the Kanga does over the Keshas.

The Kirpan is a symbolic of three main features - cutting the avidya to seperate the transient individual self; preference for open combat as against secret attack for which straight pointed blade is employed; and declaration of sovereignty over oneself which non-acceptance of restrictions on wearing of arms implies.

The sword is also a symbol of freedom from oppression and servility. It obvious meaning was for self-defence and individual freedom and self-resect embodied in the right to bear arms. The deeper spiritual meaning of the Kirpan is that it is symbolic of the triumph of transcendental knowledge over ignorance and darkness. The sword, in the mind, cuts at the roots of ignorance, evil and worldy attachment and destroy them utterly.

The Punj Kakkar as follows:

1. Keshas : The Hair
2. Kanga : The Comb
3. Kara : The Iron Bangle
4. Kirpan : The Sword
5. Kachcha : The Underwear

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