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Punj Kakkar : Kara ~ The Iron Bangle
The steel bangle binds the Sikh with a strong unbreakable link to his faith, to the Khalsa and his brother Sikhs. Te complete unbroken circle symbolises the unbroken continuity of existence. Life is not something which began in the past, exists for a while and ends at some time in the future. The spirtual reality of the life exists continuously, free of both time and space. All appearances are subject to change, but change is only on the surface, like ripples on the sea. No pont on the circumference of a circle can be called the beginning or end of it, so by wearing the Kara, the Sikh is reminded to cultivate in himself the strength yet resilient under stress. In the same way, human soul must become as strong and unbreakable as steel which has been tempered in the furnance.

Thus Kara is a chakra which in ancient religious lore is accepted as the symbol of dharma. The words Dharamchakra and Chakravarti raja, the monarch who discharges his duties of government efficiently and diligently, signify chakra. The Kara keeps a Sikh reminded of his double duty, to strive for attainment of spirtual aspirations and to be a useful and law-abiding citizen.

The Punj Kakkar as follows:

1. Keshas : The Hair
2. Kanga : The Comb
3. Kara : The Iron Bangle
4. Kirpan : The Sword
5. Kachcha : The Underwear

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