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Punj Kakkar : Kanga ~ The Comb
The second K (kakkar) whch every Sikh must wear is Kanga (comb). It is required for keepng the hair clean and tidy. It grooms the hair, keeps the knot frmly in place and symbolises the discipline of the mind. By keeping the comb a Sikh is reminded to keep his mind remains orderly and disciplined. The spirit through intuition should rule the intellect and the intellect should rule the emotions.

The Keshas and the Kanga thus form a unitary pair or symbols, each evoking the meaning of the other and their mutual association explans the full meaning of Keshas as distinct from Jata. The Jata, like shaven head symbolises renuciation of social citizenship; Keshas and Kanga symbolise its orderly assumption.

The Punj Kakkar as follows:

1. Keshas : The Hair
2. Kanga : The Comb
3. Kara : The Iron Bangle
4. Kirpan : The Sword
5. Kachcha : The Underwear

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