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Nitnem, Sikh nitnem in punjabi

Sikh Nitnem

Sikh Morning Nitnem

Sikh Evening Nitnem

In Rahitnama completed by Prehlad Singh, a conversation of Guru Gobind Singh Ji with Bhai Nand Lal is of utmost importance. It gives a gist of the duties a true Sikh should perform.

"O friend, hear me,
this is the way of life for a disicple of the Guru
Rise in the early hours of the morning, take bath,
recite Japji and Jap Sahib, and meditate on the
Name of the God in the evening, join the sangat
and hear the recitation of Rehras, the prasises of
God, and the edifying sermons. Those who follow
such a routine, always endure.
Nand Lal, listen carefully to what I say. In
these categories I sublist : the category of the
Attributes, the category of the Word of the Guru.
That which the Guru teaches, men should hear
and preach. Men should hear the word of the Guru
with love in their hearts and faith in their
minds. This, the Form of the Guru, the men should
behold, day in and day out. Men should serve
each other, without pride and selfishness.
Those who serve humanity, their service
do I acknowledge as the service to My person.
Listen, O Nand Lal, thus humanity shall be
freed and attain everlasting bliss."

Nitnem Translations

~ Japji Sahib Translation
  27.9 MB
~ Jaap Sahib Translation
  31.2 MB
~ Rehras Sahib Translation
  24.3 MB
According to Rahitnama to recite the name of God and hear the recitation of Morning and Evening Nitnem, here we are pleased to present Morning and Evening Nitnem recited by S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale).

Sikh Morning Nitnem

~ Path Japji Sahib
  8,383 KB
~ Path Jaap Sahib
8,142 KB
~ Path Tavprasad Swaiye
1,799 KB
~ Morning Ardas
2,038 KB

Sikh Evening Nitnem

~ Path Rehras Sahib
8,378 KB
~ Evening Ardas
1,694 KB
~ Path Sohila Sahib
1,833 KB

Misc. Path

~ Path Anand Sahib
8,441 KB
~ Path Choupai Sahib
2,129 KB
~ Path Dukhbhanjni Sahib
7,336 KB
~ Shabad Hazare
5,023 KB
~ Path Salok Mahalla 9
8,578 KB

S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)
New Delhi, India.
S.Surinder Singh Matharoo (Kuwait Wale)

Landscape & Travel Photographer in New Delhi India
Landscape & Travel Photographer in New Delhi, India
Nitnem Sikh nitnem in punjabi
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